RiojaLive, viajes y vinos. RiojaLive, viajes y vinos. 25 opciones para tener un gran viaje al corazón de la rioja

La Rioja, a land where wine is the protagonist.

Centuries of history now offer the visitor culture, villages, wineries, landscapes, gastronomy, traditions and people that are well worth getting to know.

01. Rioja’s Days

A day in La Rioja is longer than 24 hours. With the thematic Days at Riojalive, you will never go home without learning a bit more.

02. Weekends

Everything is possible at Riojalive’s weekends, whatever you want: a cultural, oenological, in touch with nature weekend with friends, love or family, we get it ready for you according to your budget.

03. Ideal Tours

More days, more places, more interesting people, more experiences, La Rioja deeply.

04. Tailor made journeys

There is a Rioja for everybody. Let us surprise you.

In La Rioja, life revolves around wine... In La Rioja, life revolves around wine...

...the crianza and, of course, around enjoying a glass of wine. Here, celebrations are always about food: at the table, with family or with friends, spending hours sampling delicious dishes.

Come and share with the people of Rioja their passion for wine, the land and tradition.